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The Carol Dee was recently upgraded .. She's (31) feet long with completely new state of the art fishing electronics



A Brief History of Fishtown Charter Service ..

     Back in the winter of 1972, our friends Dee and Larry Glass came into a small inheritance and suggested that we buy a boat together and start a charter service.  I would be the captain and Larry would be a silent partner.

     We bought my dream boat, a twenty-six foot Stamas, and named it after our wives Carol (Munoz) and Dee (Glass).

     I studied for, and received, my first Coast Guard license that spring. The successes of that first season far exceeded our expectations and the course of my life was set.    

     During the next thirty-nine years, the name Carol Dee became synonymous with the finest fishing experience Leland has to offer. From those humble beginnings, we have revolutionized sport fishing on the Great Lakes.

     The fishing fleet grew as other great local captains joined in the transformation of fishing from net-casting to the exciting hook and line sport we enjoy today. 

   Within five years, Jack Duffy (White Cap), Bill Wright (Cutter), Steve Otterbein (Sea Dog), and Ed Peplinski (Sea Witch) were all prowling the waters of the Manitou Passage and beyond.

     Today, thirty-nine years later, ten captains make Leland their home port.

    My current boat, a thirty-one foot Tiara, is the fourth Carol Dee and the best fishing boat I've had the pleasure of fishing on.

Come join us and experience the greatest salmon fishing anywhere.

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